Forced to hold bladder, abuse, Japan.?

Question by Samantha: Forced to hold bladder, abuse, Japan.?
I am a 15 year old girl named jenna, I live in Japan, If it was America I would have been long out of there, I speak english and Japaneese, I am not sure if this falls under abuse in Japan where I live, But my mom makes me hold in my bladder. she says it is good to streach your bladder once a week, every saturday, but she is forcing me to go longer each week, She makes me go to bed at 9:00 pm, and the door is deadbolted from the outside, no window on inside. She comes and gets me at 7:00 am not letting me use the toilet, and makes my drink a glass of water every 15 minutes, she herself if she has to go, she goes in a cup and forces me to drink it, I have to stay in one room, she watches me to make sure no cheating, and if I have an accident I have to try again the next day, sunday, but if i just leak a little she reaches to stop the flow, by using her hand as kind of a blocker on my crotch, to help stop leakage, but then also tickels my abdomin to create tention, pure torture, She lets me go at 5 pm, I barely ever make it that long, But if I do she trys to get me to go longer, I always explode, I have held up to 1440 mL of urine on a completed test she has me use a measuring bucket, my abdomin and bladder always hurt sevearly, and I keep getting UTI’s, and have torn tissue in my bladder, and when I urinate after the test, there is blood, how can I convince her to stop this, she says that if I do not start completing these tests, she will bring in rubber cement, Help please!!!, every saturday is test your bladder day.

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Answer by lydius4608
oh my god i am so sorry for you, no one should ever have to go through with that

call social services or the police and explain what is going on, tell them you are in desperate need of help and your mother is crazy and you are afraid for your life

i feel so terrible for you

and ask your mom why the hell you would need to stretch your bladder! why should anyone have to suffer this?

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2 Responses to “Forced to hold bladder, abuse, Japan.?”

  • bronzebabekentucky says:

    seek out the police and tell them this nasty story
    your mom is a psycho and a danger to you!

  • My Evil Twin says:

    In any civilized nation this would be considered abuse.
    Is Japan a civilized nation? Of course it is.
    She is abusing you. Seek help.