why do I Always seem to leak urine in my underpants?

Its not like tooo much just little drops of urine on it.its a pain as I constantly have to change my underpants like 5 to 6 times a day cos of the leakage of urine.sometimes i run out of underpants to wear or there always in the wash.
As you can imagin doing this every single day is so difficult and i don’t want to smell of piss.im in my early 20’s is that normal or abnormal for my age?Why does this happen and does anyone else get this same problem? i tried using pads so to prevent me to stop changing my pants sooo many times during one day.pls advice…thanks

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  • the_only_solorose says:

    at your age you should not be leaking urine, there is a problem and you should see a urologist to find out what it is.

  • Bast says:

    Something that might help you is to use pantyliners. That way you can change those out and you won’t have to change your underpants as much. You should see your doctor. This undoubtedly has something to do with your bladder and urinary tract. Have you ever had a baby? I’m guessing now because you didn’t say so. Try doing some kegel exercises, but still try to get in to see the doctor. Good Luck

  • mickyg says:

    Try doing Kegel exercises to strenghten your muscles.

  • Ads S says:

    no i dont think this is very common. the only time something like this happened to me was when i had a urinary tract infection. you mite have a serious problem-especially being in your early 20’s and if it just “leaks” out. i know sometimes women who have had children or older women tend to leak when they sneeze or cough. maybe you have an overactive bladder or a bladder infection. i would go to the doctor as soon as possible. good luck.

  • Kumar says:

    You are too young to have this kind of problem. Usually this happens in older days or when you lose control on the muscles surrounding it.

    Try to do PC excersizes also known as Kegel excersize which helps you in tightening and strengthening your muscles there. It can be done anytime, while doing your office work or when driving and almost anytime.

    It helps in experiencing gr8 sex too.

  • BOO BOO says:

    an exercise you can do to help
    when you peeing start and stop mid flow and it will help tighten you bladder mussels

  • Tessa says:

    oh my gosh i have the SAME problem!!
    only i’m 14, and it’s not as bad. i used to have kidney disease so my bladder is very weak, and sometimes i will leak a few drops of urine. i would go see a doctor because maybe you have a bladder infection ://