What does it look like when your water breaks?

Question by **Expecting**: What does it look like when your water breaks?
I’m 38 1/2 weeks preggo and have had a lot of leakage the past two days. I’ve been to the doc before b/c of leaking and they said that my baby’s head is just sitting on my bladder so I was basically peeing on myself. I don’t want to look like an idiot and go to the doc again… once a week is enough! It doesn’t seem to be continual so I think I must just be peeing on myself again. Its not slimey but more sticky and it seems to be odorless. The main thing I have noticed is that if I don’t have on a pantyliner it seems to bleach out my panties- strange, i know. Anyone have any ideas?

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Answer by GIRL Due JULY 4th SO HAPPY!!!!
well when my water broke i was asleep in bed and it woke me up and i remember thinking ” o this is sad im peeing on myself” then i realized i couldn’t stop it and i got outta bed and knew my water had broke. It was clear had no odor, it was a gush no trickling .

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  • Jennifer says:

    i hate to say this but i dont know…i was induced and my ob had to break my water so i dont know what it looks like. i guess if you cant stop the water, you know its not your pee.

  • Nicole says:

    my water breaking is what woke me up. i wasn’t sure if it was my water breaking or if i had wet the bed. but it just looked like a water spot.

  • girish s says:

    If you are passing the water without experiencing an urge to pass urine then most likely it is liquor, especially if it’s odorless. Use sanitary pads and see if they are getting soaked constantly. If it’s so, then all the more reason to believe that it’s leakage.

  • soinlove says:

    My water broke when I was going to bed. Just as I was getting in the bed I had a gush of water and then it continuously ran, I couldn’t stop it and it was more than a pantie liner would ever hold. I had to get a towel and sit on it on the way to the hospital. If its not a continuous stream or trickle I would say that your just peeing on yourself. Also amniotic fluid tends to smell sweet.

  • angela m says:

    your urine is not supposed to be sticky ever. did they do that test( i didnt know what it is called) where they test the fluid that came out of you on a little paper strip and if it turns blue then your water is broken? they also do something called the fern test where they take the fluid that’s coming out (they only need a little) and they put it on a slide and look at it under a microscope and if it makes a fern like shape then you broke your water. they did both of those tests on me and they both came back negative and it really was my water that broke and they told me i peed on myself too. i went back to the hospital the next day and they told me i tore my water bag so it was leaking slowly. maybe you should just go to the hospital this time and the nurses there might just automatically do the test.