What is wrong with a cat who leaks urine?

My female cat, who is almost 5 years old, has been leaking urine for the past month. It seems she mainly does it in her sleep, or when she is very relaxed. (It’s doesn’t happen when she sneezes or is startled or anything like that. It actually happens often when she falls asleep on my lap unfortunately.) I have taken her to my vet, who says that in his 18 years of being a vet he has never seen an incontinent cat. He checked her urine, and she does not have an infection. He did a full blood work on her, and then said that her blood count was off, which is a sign of lupus, an allergy or a million other things. He gave her an injection of an antibiotic and cortizone, which seemed to help a lot, so he wants her to have one a month for a little while to see what happens. However, after 2 weeks the leakage is already coming back and she is not scheduled for the next shot for a couple of weeks. She is an extremely tiny cat – weighs 6 pounds – so he is hoping the cortizone will help that too.

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  • creatrix says:

    I think it’s probably time for another vet visit. Poor baby – I hope she feels better soon!

  • sparkles9 says:

    Has the vet weighed out the possibility of a kidney stone.

    ~I have searched for some answers for you . . .this is what I have found.

    Hormonal incontinence is less common in cats than it is dogs. This is also true of physical problems like ectopic ureters which lead to incontinence, but these conditions are possible. Neurologic deficits can lead to incontinence. Some cats will develop incontinence due to the presence of infection or inflammation in the urinary tract, so control of crystal formation can be helpful if it is causing inflammation and controlling inflammation from other sources is important, too. It is also a good idea to be certain that there is not a reason for increased urine production which can make a problem with incontinence worse. Examples of diseases which cause increased urination are diabetes and kidney failure.

  • It's Not Me. says:

    maybe your cat has a urniary tract infection.that’s what was wrong with my cat when it started urinating in random places.

  • Chelsea D says:

    well maybe your cat just has very weak bladder control becuase if it can happen to humans it could happen to animals it could be just when shes relaxed she just has no control and like you you said it doesnt happen when she is startled so maybe when she is awake she just has more control like shes more concious of it but im not really sure the only one that could really diagnose her properly is your vet.

    if your not satisfied with your vets work you might want to go to other vets ..i had a golden retriever and she got a lump on her leg and he said it was just a cist and he didnt do any tests but it really seemed to bother her when we touched it so we took her to a different vet and it was a cacerous tumer but thank god we cuaght it in time so she is still here

  • aattura says:

    He’s never seen an incontinent cat??

    Try taking her to another vet– possibly a specialist.

    Get your vet to fax her records to the other vet.

    Also– get in touch with Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah-


    They actually have a shelter there (no-kill) with incontinent cats of all kinds– they call it the Incontinental Suite <:-)

    If anyone has ever seen an incontinent cat– THEIR vet certainly has– maybe they have some tips or info for you!!

  • malak says:

    Has she been spayed? Our grand-puppy (also about 5 years old) is on meds for the same thing, apparently, sometimes when they get spayed (dogs at least), they become incontinent. It happened to my old dog, but not until she was quite old, and the vet said it happens to spayed dogs when they get older, but of course our grand-puppy got it very early. I don’t recall hearing of it with cats, but its possible.