Incontinence in 13 year old girl?

Question by Lindsey A: Incontinence in 13 year old girl?
I am a girl age 13 and wonder if I have got incontinence. Two days ago in the subway home I had to pee. After a while I couldn’t hold it anymore and I peed in my pants. It has NEVER NEVER happened before (except when I was little of course). I had to really, really badly on the subway but other times when I had to go I always managed to hold it until I got home, When you are 13 you should be able to hold it until you get home or find another bathroom even if you really have to go bad right? None of my friends have ever wet their pants and I have only seen little kids do it and maybe they will tease me if they found out I did. I know incontinence is when you can’t hold it, so I was wondering if that is what I got. How can I cure it? I have never had any problems before and I have no problems to hold it now, but I am scarred it could happen again. I don’t want to go to a doctor and I don’t want to tell my mom (I don’t want her to know I wet my pants)

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Answer by Dee M
Incontinence is more then one situation, try going to the bathroom before you get on the train next time

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  • you are all in my heart forever says:

    sounds like your holding it longer than you should. no it doesn’t sound like a incon problem. go when you need to and stop waiting. you could also have a UTI from this, or get one in the future.

  • joe joe says:

    tell your mom, not the internet

  • Don't Like Me? Too Bad says:

    obviously you don’t know the definition of incontinence. Incontinence is where you have no control over your need to eliminate waste or urine. You just couldn’t hold it in. its normal because you were already holding it in for a long time.

    chill out and get your facts

  • Z G says:

    Got pee earlier next time

  • initialbad says:

    oh dear. you need to tell your mom, it may be a health issue and she needs to know, I am sure she will listen and get you into the doc to be sure it is not something else. I am sure they have meds that can help, but it may also just be a minor fix, go to the doc and tell them so they can help you or it will keep happening. Good luck hun, take care, and trust your mom, she loves you and should know. I am sure it cannot be easy to deal with this issue, so your doc can help with it. God bless you, wow just read some other answers, they are rude, ignore the rude ones. I thought about the UTI, my daughter had that a few times when younger and this sounds about right, she still gets that way now and then, have it checked out and please tell your mom.

  • Eeneray says:

    You probably had a one time occurance with too much pressure on your bladder. Make sure you go as soon as you need to go as often as your body tells you, you need to go.

    If you are overweight at all your stomach could be putting pressure on your bladder much like pregnant women experience but I don’t know if that applies to you or not.

    I don’t believe you have inconstinence there isn’t any plausible reason for you to.

  • Killer Queen says:

    You need to go more often. Even remind yourself to go before you have to go that bad. Holding it in like that can cause bladder infections. Holding it stretches the bladder lining and can weaken it. And you can do exercises to help strengthen your muscles. Squeeze your buttocks together and hold for 5-10 seconds. Do this about 20 times a day for a few weeks.

  • thanksabunch says:

    It sounds like you have a bladder infection. Have your mom take you to the dr right away before it gets worse!

  • DAZZA says:

    lol dont hold it in

  • butterfly says:

    sorry to hear that happened to you. if it was just one time, you could probably chalk it up to waiting to long. if you have pain or it keeps happening, you have to tell your Mom and see a doctor. yes a 13 yo girl should be able to hold it ( so to speak) but occasionally you wait to long and your bladder just can not hold it. it will be ok. please do not be afraid to talk to your Mom. hope you work it out. blessings

  • maryxe29 says:

    i would just tell your mom, she will understand. i would let her know so that you are not put in that position again. if you go to the doctor they will prescribe you something

  • Morfeus says:

    Hi Lindsey. I’m so sorry to hear a girl your age having that problem. I did a little research and came up with some material that you can read and decide for yourself what your next step should be. Hope it helps.

  • Catalog says:

    Maybe you held it too long that day. Whenever you are going to be confined for awhile (subway, car, etc.) go to the ladies room before leaving. Might be from cool weather or too much liquid that day. Look up the kegel exercises on the Internet and do them at home to strengthen up the pelvic muscles.

  • redrosediane says:

    It worries me that you won’t tell your mom because you will need to tell her other things as a teenager. But to have incontinence, it would be more than one incident. I take medication because since I had surgery, I can not hold it at all but I am fifty. Sometimes if you had a soda or coffee,or a large amount of water, it won’t let you wait, esp. when you can’t get to a BR.

    No, you don’t have that problem because it is NEVER just one incident. Older people have to actually wear diapers because it happens all day. This is not to say young people can’t have it when they have an infection but that is not your problem because it happened one time.
    Relax and do not hold health info from your mom ANYMORE since she is the one responsible for your health and taking you to the doctor.

  • StellaStar says:

    You may need to do pelvic floor exercises to tighten the muscles which support your bladder.
    Holding urine in for too long can weaken these muscles and it sounds like you may have done this.

    It is very important that you strengthen these muscles now, as when you have children you will need a strong pelvic floor to minimise the risk of miscarriage and any number of gyno problems for yourself.

    It happens to lots of girls. They just don’t usually talk about it and it gets worse. best advice. Do the exercises and go to the toilet when you need to.

  • Alex M says:

    Lindsey don’t worry i’ts totaly natural to have an accedent like that your not sick and this will be a funnie memory in the future……..I also can tell you a story about my self…one time I was driving in the desert in nevada on my way to los angeles and I got a cramp in my stomach and accedently I did ..caca.. in my pants while i was driving ,,,the only person that was with me was my wife and even though she got grosed out she didnt tell any body…so I had to drive with caca in my pants for at least 30 minuts ……now thats worse than pee………don’t you think

  • Batman says:

    you have proberbly gt weak pelvic muscles try doing 30minutes of pelvic floor excercises 3 times a day
    u’ll b bk to normal in no time

  • Heart says:

    Peeing your pants once doesn’t mean you’re incontinent. You really had to pee and you just couldn’t hold it anymore. Teens and even adults sometimes pee their pants in these cases – sometimes they can’t hold it. Wet pants is not something that just happens to little kids. Maybe your friends haven’t wet their pants – or maybe they have and are embarrassed to admit it. Anyway, if you’ve only peed your pants once (or even twice), it’s nothing to worry about.