Q&A: How do I help my Black Moor who has Swim Bladder Disease?

Question by Red Wings Forever: How do I help my Black Moor who has Swim Bladder Disease?
I think he has Swim Bladder Disease and I heard that peas can make it better. The problem is that they sink to the bottom and he doesn’t really eat off the bottom. They’re still sitting there. Any ideas?
He’s not sitting on the bottom. He is floating on the top and is having trouble getting to the bottom. That’s why he won’t eat the peas.

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Answer by Sarah
Well, you could make sure that you have an air pump/air stone or two in your tank, depending on the size, seeing as the bubbles will help put more oxygen into the water. Make sure your fish sees the peas as they drop. Goldfish are diggers, they will search the bottom for food.

Keep feeding your fish sinking foods like frozen blood worms or brine shrimp, or get a cucumber/zucchini and tie it down to the bottom with a weight. Make sure to fast your fish once a week.

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  • Scottie says:

    are the peas frozen… might try fresh?

  • what can I do says:

    Try squeezing the stuff out of the peas, or just get some medicine for them

  • josh w says:

    hello there i can sure help you well if they are sitting on the bottom of your tank dont panic…….ok listen up heres my advice well if there sitting on the bottom i would not say just yet its swim bladder they can be sitting on the bottom because there stressed water quaility how is it is your tank cycling i would take a water sample to be checked by your nearest feed store to check the quaility of the water heres how you know about swim bladder k i have had a fish with it for 4 years if you take care of them sometimes they can live forever …heres what they do i have one he floats upside down looks dead half the time ….but hes not honestly if they have swim bladder theres nothing can be done but you can try some antibotics they might help sometimes they do and other times they dont ……..peas only help if they are consiapated sometimes they will float on top of the water if this is the case then youcan try peas and brine shrimp but the swim bladder is a sad thing they just gotta live out there life.. my fish has lived for 4 years in this condition i just let him live it out i tryed alot of antibotics and foundout for my little guy it was a waste of money hes like family but i am not god!i wish i could save him but i cant ………but give it a shot with the antibotics because sometimes it can help or times it might help for a while then there back to there old self they might just have air in bellys too heres what i do i feed themevery other day …… a little bit but i only give thm sinking gold fish pellets it helps them from getting the swim bladder or getting air in there belly you can buy it for about 6.00 at your local pet store its called tetra color sinking goldfish granules you can get a 3.25 oz it last me about a year its easer on there belly good luck ! do you want mine hes a surviver ! i never knew a fish with this could ever live so long but they sure can

  • prettygoodwithfish says:

    i’ve heard of a story like this before…this lady’s goldfish “broke” its swim bladder so she use a string to tie a piece of styrofoam to him now he’s A-ok

  • FishMan says:

    There is no medication for swimbladder disease. You have to cure it yourself.

    First, fast for 3 days. Then feed the fish nothing but peas (microwaved or boiled) for 3 days. This SHOULD help cure SBD but some swimbladder problems are irreversible.

    Let me explain. Fasting it for 3 days will make it hungry enough to go after food. When it is hungry, it will eat the peas. Also, this will help clean out its system if it is constipated.

    Recent research has closely linked high nitrate levels with SBD; in many cases, ‘floaty’ fish were restored to normality fairly quickly when placed in nitrate-free water. It is therefore recommended to check the nitrate levels in tanks with fish suffering from SBD, and try to keep the nitrate level below 20ppm, max., at all times.

  • danielle Z says:

    Any green veggie will do here. Float a piece of lettuce for him or spinach leaves. Even dandalion leaves will work. What happens with swim bladder isn’t from Nitrates it is from poor food. Goldfish have no stomachs. When too many fillers fats and salts are introduced into their diets their intestines can become plugged up causing pressure on their swimbladder not allowing it to inflate and deflate properly. Starving your fish for a few days doesn’t always work and allows for a possiable secondary infection to set in.

    Really any green veggie no flaked or pellet foods. Also, do not feed your goldie floating pellets for any reason in the tank.

    Also keep the salts out of your tank and maintain a 25% weekly water change with gravel vac. Also add fresh veggies to their diet a few times per week to keep swimbladder at bay.