Please answer: watery discharge, lower backache, 24 weeks pregnant?

I have spent hours researching the difference between urine leakage and amniotic fluid, as well as lower back aches and braxton hicks. I cannot find any answer to what is going on with me specifically. TMI: sorry
I have had for the last two days at times very bad lower back ache, sometimes moving to lower front. Normally ends if I lay down, but not always. Also had constant wet panties. I had to change them twice today. Doesn’t smell urine like, but I drink ALOT of water so I have no idea if it is or isn’t. No gushing when getting up and I do pee when I sneeze/cough. My dr. is a military dr. and not alot of help since I never see the same one twice. If I go to ER and nothing is wrong I WILL be billed thanks to the insurance so I thought I would ask here. Next appt. is still two weeks away. I am feeling him move still, especially if I drink tea or pop, and no frontal cramping. Other than a decrease in appetite don’t know if thats relevant. Did have BV two weeks ago, finished the pills.
This may be nothing as well, but if somene out there can answer it, I would be grateful. Anyone else felt like your cord was being yanked on from the inside? I feel it and it kinda makes my vagina ” cringe “. Thats the best way to explain it. Started about three days ago and it happens 5-6 times a day. Its not painful, but VERY uncomfy. Thank you all!
Changing because it got way too wet for comfort.

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  • M Kerr L&D says:

    Amnio fluid has a very sickly sweet bleachy odor to it…no mistake amnio fluid, its horrible IMO.

  • Due October 14th with Kyleღ says:

    iam having the same watery discharge its kinda cloudy in the toilet but clear on underwera or if i feel it .. i been wondering what it is it has no sence of smell to it.. but i do not gte the back aches..

  • sizzles1024 says:

    If you can still feel him moving I think it’s probably just normal discharge. As for the cord ‘tugging’ I felt something like that and I attributed it to the baby’s feet kicking my cervix. I have no idea if I was right, but I know what you mean by that twingey feeling.

  • magnolia_76 says:

    Could be a urinary tract infection or a kidney stone. While I was pg I had something going wrong, with a lower back pain (towards the side – lower back), and it would radiate towards the front. My doctor 1st thought was UTI, put me on antibiotics, did the test to see if it was an UTI, come to find out it was NOT… so I went to get a ultrasound done in my kidney area, and they found a kidney stone. But since your having some leakage, I’m thinking it’s probably a UTI, which can be cured with a week of antibiotics.

  • amlee_king says:

    This sounds pretty normal, to me anyway. Are you changing your panties because they are soaked or just because they feel gross? I know, once you become further along in your pregnancy, you will get an increase in your discharge. If you drink alot of pop and tea, try cutting down. If you have a bladder infection or something like that , the caffeine will irritate it, causing more back pain. If you get to a point where you just don’t feel right or the pain gets worse, then go to the ER. You may be billed, but it’s better to be safe then sorry.

  • Mrs Pregnant says:

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  • Jynx Of The Tea Leaves says:

    It does sound like normal discharge– amniotic fluid is pretty hard to miss. I’d wear a pantiliner– that should make things more comfortable.

    My last three kids were big babies, so there was always a lot of pressure on my bladder.

    I’ll be praying for you today.

    And (I couldn’t email you with this) in response to your response to my other answer, before you go back to that church, please visit this website and watch these movies.
    This may be the problem behind your nightmares, too.
    If you wish to email me, you may. Just click my avatar.