Do any of you pregnant ladies use pantiliners or poise pads for discharge or urine leakage?

I heard a doctor on tv one time said not too because they cause vaginal irritation and infection. If pregnant women can’t use then what can pregnant women use because i leak urine since I have been pregnant. I am now almost 28 weeks and it seems that the baby is pressing even harder on my bladder. What do you ladies use.

9 Responses to “Do any of you pregnant ladies use pantiliners or poise pads for discharge or urine leakage?”

  • KarenS says:

    I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem with them. I used them for about 1/2 of my pregnancy. Not a problem for me.

  • ღ♥♡Bens Girl ♥ Lily's mum♡♥ღ says:

    I used Tena active liners… I have a seriously weak bladder and it only got worse during my pregnancy so i needed to wear pads just about the entire time…

  • joe and mindy! says:

    i wore them and never had any problems

  • mom4years says:

    Yes, I used a pad for leakage during pregnancy. As long as you change it as soon as you need to, there’s really no reason to worry. Irritation and infection become a problem if you leak and then can’t change the pad for in a short period of time.

  • mommy to be in dec<3 says:

    sometimes i use them.. it doesint causee irration for me, try it and see if it works for you.

  • EMTPrincess says:

    use them just make sure you change them every so often…..also you can get organic washable pads, they are 100% cotton, that would help reduce the risk for infection/irritation….

  • Baby Ashley Lynn due 7/21 says:

    I use nothing. I have increased discharge but only when I wipe and I have only leaked a few drops of urine here and there. My doctor suggests using a pantiliner if necessary but for me it is so infrequent I would be wasting them using them daily.

  • momma5 says:

    i use 3 or more always liners a day due to increase in discharge since my pregnancy began. i have not had any infections and i am currently at 39 weeks. i carry them in purse in my glove compartment and beside my toilet. they are great and keep you dry. so long as you change them frequently. you shouldnt have to feel wet. on the contrary i think a moist environment would be worse. did i mention i was a registered nurse as well.

  • ♥Christina w/ Baby Due June 09♥ says:

    I’ve used them my whole pregnancy and had nothing bad happen, it helps 1. keep your underwear clean and 2. it helps you keep track of your discharge. I’m especially using them now at 38 weeks to make sure if I pass my mucous plug or have a bloody show I’ll be able to tell, and it’s a great way to see if your leaking amniotic fluid, if you soak a pantyliner, you should contact your doctor.