Leakage?? Does this mean labor is soon?

I’m 35 1/2 weeks pregnant and last night I woke up and my clothes were wet, but not soaking wet. It wasn’t enough to wet the bed, and It wasn’t’ urine (I thought i might have wet myself) but it definately wasn’t that. I called my doctor and he said if I wake up wet in the morning then to come in, but I had no other wetness other than that… My question is does anyone know what this could have been?? Just leaking?? Also, does this mean I’ll be going into labor soon??

I asked this question about an hour ago and didn’t get a real answer to my question, other than it wasn’t my water breaking.. please I need some answers please :) thanks!

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  • KelnKeith says:

    Could it be night sweats? I wake up some nights completely hot and clothes sticking to me from sweat. It’s terrible.

  • 29 Weeks with #2 says:

    you could be leaking fluids and your doctor should have had you come in so he could test it, you are still early so if you are you need to be on bed rest. It is not an indication of labor though.

  • Lamont says:

    I think it is amniotic fluid – does it smell sweet? You should go to hospital and have them test for amniotic fluid. MAKE SURE! Water breaking doesn’t always happen like a gush, you can have a slow trickle if the leak is from the top of the amniotic sac.

    Do not take a bath, do not have sex – nothing to introduce infection.

    If water is leaking, you can go hours to weeks before labor begins on it’s own. If it were me, I would go to ER and get it tested right now.

  • mommysrosebud says:

    Yes it could be leaking, Which means you could be in labor. Are you contracting at all? When you leak like that, your water could break at any time. It seems kinda early though usually 38 weeks is a good time, so I would definatley go see your doctor just to see what he says. Hope all goes well!

  • Lauren B says:

    go in and they can test the fluid and tell you if its your water. If not I would still go to the doctor and get it checked out. Well good luck I wish I would go into labor soon! Due tomorrow and sooooo ready.

  • Gail D says:

    Usually a combination of the baby switching position, babies are most active at night when you are sleeping, this can cause some fluid to leak, or the change in position placing pressure on your bladder.

    It is common to have some of these mixed events during this stage of pregnancy. The water you drink and the protein you eat create your amniotic fluid which is continually replaced and replenished by your body. Just put on a pad and watch to see that the fluid is clear.

    The only true sign thing that will tell you if your body and baby are ready for labor is constant, rhythmic contractions. Most healthy babies are ready 10 days after the estimated due date. You have plenty of time to go. Congrats and best wishes, G

  • TruthSeeker says:

    When I got very close to my due date (around 35 or 36 weeks), I had a LOT of clear discharge. I woke up a few times thinking my water had broken, but it turned out it was just discharge. After about 3-4 days of this, I lost my mucous plug. Unfortunately, I was soon after induced because of possible pre-eclampsia, so I really don’t know if all that was gearing up for labor.

  • acorns33 says:

    You should find out one way or the other. If it is amniotic fluid, you need to see a doctor because a slow leak can lead to an infection. Get it checked out and good luck with your new baby!

  • Carter's Mommy says:

    How do you knwo it wasn’t urine? Put a pad on for about an hour. Lay down, stand up, sit down standup, keep doing that for awhile. If the pad is wet, smell it. I know that sounds gross but this is how you tell. If it smells like urine, it’s urine. If it has a sweet smell to it, call your doctor back and tell them right away. If there is no leakage, then it probably was urine or discharge you had leaked at night.

  • MissT says:


    Look at this site, I’m not sure if this is what you were experiencing, but I thought that the answer this woman got was appropriate. Also, I woke up once in the middle of the night when I was about 36 weeks along I think, and my bed was wet, I was wet top and bottom. I freaked out and it turned out that it was coming from my breasts! Ya. I was leaking soo badly. I didn’t know that I could leak that bad before the baby was born, but apparently you can. I actually hand-expressed everything I was leaking and froze it! Gross, but hey!

  • WildMan says:

    My ex-wife went through this when she was 7 weeks pregnant. We went to an emergency room. Then we did a follow up with our ob/gyn. At 35 1/2 weeks you should be okay. You will probably have a dry birth, but everything will be fine. The story about my ex-wife leaking at 7 weeks is completely different, but leakage is leakage.

    Best wishes. You’ll be having a baby within a week or two.