Will a female dog in heat have bladder control problems?

We just adopted a one-year-old little papillon and I think she is going into heat. Do female dogs in heat have bladder control problems? She seems to “dribble” a little bit of pee-pee from time to time and I am hoping it has to do with being in heat and not some other weird problem. Also, can a dog be fixed while in heat, or do we have to wait until it is over?

3 Responses to “Will a female dog in heat have bladder control problems?”

  • JenVT says:

    It is less expensive to wait until she is done being in heat, but I don’t think that the bladder control issue has to do with that. She may just piddle a little when she gets excited. I had a lab mix that did that and never really outgrew it.

  • Basset on the Stove says:

    Females in heat will often “mark” to attract males. Or she could have a UTI.

    Yes, they can be fixed while in season but it’s more involved. Please consult with your vet on this.

  • VERY Tenacious says:

    Nope, but they WILL “mark”.
    Yes, you can spay TODAY
    .It usually costs a bit more.
    Why do you “think” it’s coming in? Don’t you know?Might be a smart to find fer sure,eh?