Can your water leak/rupture before losing the mucus plug?

Yesterday i was sitting in a chair and had sweat pants on, when i got up my pants were pretty wet from front to back but i never noticed anything coming out of me. Then at 11pm last night i lost my plug. I haven’t had any leakage since this and i know you can leak urine also but there was quite a bit of fluid for me just going to the bathroom not long before that.
I’m calling my doctor in a bit but thought i’d ask if your water can in fact break first or for any personal experiences…thank you.
by the way i’m entering my 38th week.

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  • T says:

    A lady here at work said that all day long she just was going to the bathroom alot… well, that was her water leaking out. She never lost her plug, so yes your water can leak around it. Definitely call the doctor!

  • quick44 says:

    Yes with out a doubt your water can leak or membranes can break before the mucus plug comes out. Please go straight to the hospital. You can get infection once your water break. Go Go.

    Good Luck and congratulations!

  • Mikey's Girl says:

    I have four children and I lost the mucus plug first with only 1 of them. Of course, my doctor said I could have lost the plug and not realize it, but who knows. If you think you have leaked water, that can be very dangerous. That happened with my first child, I leaked and the doc thought it was my plug, and 2 days later I had to have an emergency c-section. Very scary so it’s very good that you are calling the doctor. Good Luck and God Bless!! Congratulations!!!!!!

  • Misty says:

    I’ve read that you can lose your mucus plug and not know it. How? Don’t ask me! My water broke with my first child just a short while after losing the mucus plug. Good Luck!

  • DnKsMom says:


  • Michelle L says:

    It’s very possible. If your water broke, you must deliver the baby within 24 hours. Be sure to get examined. Also, do not take a bath now, just in case. Showers only.