Could I be leaking fluids or water breaking slowly or just peeing on myself? Confused!!!?

I will start by saying I will be 39 weeks tomorrow. 1.5 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced on Friday the 24th. And this is my first baby.

Ok now to the question! The other night I noticed that for some reason my underware were a little damp. I went to the bathroom and checked and there wasnt any discharge. I used the restroom and made sure I wiped very well and then a few minutes later it happened again and again. Since then it hasnt been as bad, but there is still something coming out. I know that the baby can put pressure on my bladder but it doesnt smell like urine. I dont know! Just any insight would be appreciated. And its not a constant leakage. Just occasional. I dont know whats going on!!!

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  • Buzzy B says:

    Call your doctor! This is too serious to put on Yahoo.

  • jbmiller06 says:

    It sounds like you may have a slow leak! Call your doctor and tell them what has happened, you will need to be seen. The baby will need to be delivered soon if it is indeed your water leaking. I thought I had peed myself too when my water broke, it was not a big gush, but a slow occasional one. Sounds like you have the same thing!
    Best of luck!

  • Heather A says:

    The first thing you should do is smell it. Amniotic fluid has a “sweet” smell to it. If it is sweel smelling then put a pad on and lay down for a little while and then stand up and then see if the pad is wet. If it is, it is probably your water leaking.

    I went to see my doctor for the same thing, and I had bacterial vaginosis (but I didnt think it was discharge….no symptons/itching/etc) but this is what they told me to do in the future.

  • Tresa R says:

    you water could be leaking like that. if so, you should go in because if your labor doesn’t really start within 24 hours of your water breaking you are at risk for an infection. if you go to your doc they can do a vaginal swab that will reveal the presence of amniotic fluid, no matter how little. If that’s what it is, your baby is probably blocking the rest from coming out, which also means that if the baby shifts just right, you will have a flood! Either way, get ready, your baby is probably coming soon!

  • k r m says:

    it could be a leak or it could be discharge… i have discharge to the point where i can’t walk around without underwear on because i would be dripping all over the place… sorry if tmi… and it’s really uncomfortable…. im always checking to make sure i didnt go to the bathroom on myself and im constantly wondering if my water’s leaking but it doesnt drip like steadily it’s here and there but it’s frequent enough… i have a docs appt tomorrow so maybe they can tell me what it is… i would say to u to go get it checked out… they can do a simple test and test the fluid to make sure it’s just discharge and nothing else to be concerned with

  • colley411 says:

    Smelling the fluid is your best bet on telling if it’s urine or the bag of waters leaking. Waters smell kind of sweet and as you know, urine has a distinct smell that’s very different. Your bag of waters can leak slowly but I’m not sure if it can leak for that long. I would call the nurse at your ob/gyn clinic and just tell her what’s up. She will be able to tell you wether or not you need to come in.