penis leaks after urinating.?

not had any unprotected sex, only masturbated(though now given up the habit since two years)
problem since <1.5 years
not too much leaking ,just a small -looks like a water droplet on the pant
urine justs gets caught in the skin after urinating
i stand and urinate(a guy!!!!)
not yet seen a doctor.
any home natural treatement for it
it leaks for a moment
starts after it gets packed(touches underwear with pant zipped up) and continues for few moments(<10 sec) until all the urine has dropped . its not new urine but a small leakage
a natural treatment with an excercise to cure………….plzzzzzzzzzz

6 Responses to “penis leaks after urinating.?”

  • My Answers Suck says:

    you might have prostate problems

  • Phil S says:

    Shake it dry a few more times and you are normal. Masturbating has nothing to do with it.

  • Prof Icy Gazpacho DW says:

    Mate… you need to do PC exercises…..

    not computer exercises.. Im talking about your pelvic muscles…

    Now… do this…
    squeeze your PC… (just like you are holding in a fart) for 3 seconds….
    release and repeat 20 times….
    Do this 3 times a day…
    After a month or so.. you will have resolved this little problem and aslo improved your ejaculations.

    In the interim… spend more time at the urinal… or go to the can and sit to pee … while practicing your pc exercises… until the dribbling stops.

    Old guys suffer from this problem…. you aren’t old are you?

  • ym says:

    Maybe you’re cumming. < ??> It really happens when you do masturbation. It’s a desire for sex. Really. :P It’s not a disease or something. :)

  • pa69oldfart says:

    It may not be as bad as You think, But, go and talk to Your local Chemist. I am sure that there is a lot of natural medicine, in fact I know of a few Myself.
    I have had to go to a specialist and had to have an operation,but I have since found some new natural medicines that would have staved off the operation for some time,and may even have prevented it.
    So it is important to talk to The chemist.
    Good Luck!
    Regards Pa69oldfart.

  • wiwikid says:

    You did not say how old you are.

    But urine leak after urinating only means that you did not empty your bladder completely and some are left behind.

    Among men in their late 50’s onwards, the most common is an enlarged prostate — something which can be managed by a urologist.
    If you are younger, this could still be normal. All you need to do is be patient, dont hurry up, just relax your pelvic muscles, or you may need to strain a little towards the end of your urination. Sometimes urine is left within the upper urethra which could be dilated, thereby causing urine to accumulate in the said area. Dont worry. As long as your urine flow is good, or you dont feel any pain when voiding.