my dog is 62 days pregnant and has water dripping out of her, is this labour or just lack of bladder control?

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  • Boomer&Lola says:

    So you are saying that you are an immature breeder and have no business breeding dogs. It’s called the vet.

  • happy2luvk9s says:

    here’s a wild and crazy idea…CALL YOUR VET! That is what an intelligent individual would do rather than wasting time getting on here!

  • styxangel37 says:

    if she hasnt had a bladder problem before then shes most likely going into labor just keep an eye on her.

  • rvtech says:

    You need to have your vet look at her asap! This could be urine or amniotic fluid — and that is a big emergency! It is better to be safe than sorry in this case…

  • Eimear P says:


    call your vet or some1 wit experince and just give the dog space shes in pain and some dogs in labour bite so watch out

    and hope all goes well

  • Sarah says:

    ive seen and helped puppies be delivered i think that means shes in labour if she startes to scratch at a blanket and makes like a nest sort of thing then shes in labour if she doesnt do that then its probly lack of bladder control
    :) hope this works

  • Blackcat says:

    A dogs pregnancy lasts 9 weeks, so it may be her water is breaking,if its her first litter its best to take her to the vet, to be on the safe side to make sure they are not breech,as some are my friends dogs was and she needed a C section,but make sure she has a nice quiet place to rest before the birth, where she wont get disturbed!and good luck and hope all goes well!

  • Fetch 11 Humane Society says:

    The “water” could be caused by the puppies pushing on her bladder. Check to see if it’s urine or not. Literally. Go look at it and smell it.

    When they’re in labor most dogs will pace, pant a lot, and do “nest building” behaviors (like scraping up newspapers or bedding to make a “nest” for themselves). During hard labor, the dog will usually hunch its back and sometimes grunt or whine at each contraction, and the pup will first appear as a bulge between her anus and vulva.

    You can also check the dog’s temperature. “Normal” for a dog is around 101-degrees. Twelve to 24 hours before the pups arrive, the temperature usually drops to about 98-degrees… which is the beginning of “soft” labor.

    If your dog IS truly in labor and is leaking fluid, it might be the anionic fluid from the birth sac of one of the first pups — which means the pup is stuck and will suffocate within a matter of minutes.

    The best ting to do for your dog is to get her to her vet as soon as you can.

  • Turtle says:

    at 62-64 days she would have her puppies. some clean discharge is normal right before a puppy. not moms if they have a large littler can also have Bladder control problems late in the game.

    If you starts having a green to bloody green discharge WITH NO puppies being born you need to get her to the Vet. if she has had a puppy the green discharge is normal after that.

    you can take her temp normal should be 100-102.5 just before labor dog temps drop to 98-99.

    Don’t lay a round and watch her every second dog get nervous and you will end up paying for a surgery.
    She need a warm cozy place out of the traffic areas in a house. like a closet or small bedroon you can close her up in. give her water and a good brand of puppy food. check on her every few hours. count puppies so you know if she has had more. There can be 2min-4 hours between puppies so mom can rest.

    Good luck , get your vet’s number close they can answer questions also. and just in case you pup gets into troubles.

  • Sinead A says:

    you should ring your vet they will tell you what to do.

  • thefinalresult says:

    V E T E R I N A R I A N

  • doxie says:

    Amniotic fluid. Birth is starting. Have birthing box. String,alcohol scissors, towels and the vets number handy.

  • Jackie G says:

    You really should take her to the vet. If no one is open then at least call the emergency vet and see if they can offer their advice. Keep on checking on her to see if she’s alright. Hope everything goes well:)