Is being unable to control the bladder a side effect of prednisone for a dog? ?

My dog is 1 year old and was recently prescribed Prednisone (10 mg 2xs a day) and Cephalexin. She weighs about 55 pounds.

Since she started taking these she has been peeing in the house. It is almost like she can’t hold it anymore because she has even peed in her crate.

I was told that the prednisone will make her more thirsty so I know she will have to go more. But usually when she needs to go out, she will sit at the door to let us know she wants to go out. Now she just goes without warning.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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  • Bozema says:

    Prednisone makes them need to urinate more often. More potty breaks are needed when on this medication and when they need to go, they need to go bad.

  • Diana says:

    Yes, very common side effect of steroids.

  • Animal Artwork says:

    Dogs who are on steroids (prednisone) drink more and thus pee more. As a human who has been on steroids I can tell you the urgent to urinate while on steriods can be instaneous and nearly uncontrollable.

    Set a timer and take her out more often. What I found when I was on steroids is that it was less of an issue if I just made sure I urinated every 2 hours whether I thought I had to go or not.

  • ragapple says:

    yep its the pred… when the nessesity of the medication passes & you can wean her down this too shall pass. paper inside the door and or other accident spots will help//

  • Lindsay says:

    Prednisone is a cortical steroid. It causes many symptoms like increased water and food consumption, and can cause a dog to get hotter faster and sometimes panting. It kinda sppeds up the body processes (peeing too)and slows down the immune system. Things to do:

    Keep plenty of water available
    Let her out to potty more often
    Watch how much she eats (she will gain weight on pred)
    Monitor for infection/injury since the immune system is suppressed

    If she is on the pred for allergy short term is ok but after you get the allergy flare under control talk to your vet about Atopica….it is a miracle drug!!

  • sarah_loves_ya18 says:

    My older dog was put on Pred. (he’s still on it, just when he needs it) But, like you said, the Pred. will make your dog thirstyer and that will in turn cause them to need to go out more often. I suggest taking her out as often as you can and if you need to, taker her out on a leash and walk her untill she goes.
    That should help some
    it has for my dog :)